Organized Gaming Recruitment The core of Umbradawn is the members that join it to game, take part in tournaments, or simply to chat about things on the Discord. As such we are ALWAYS looking for anyone who wants to join us, in any capacity. For those who would simply like to join in, in a less organized manner, simply hop into our public

See below for information on organized activities and how to apply to become part of them:
Game Information Vacant Roles Status Applications
League of Legends In-House Custom Games, Tournaments & Organized Teams for things such as Clash.
Players & Analysts Recruiting for In-Houses
Planning Opening Tournament
Apply Here
Other GamesAs of now we are limiting what games we support while we consolidate and focus on the games we are currently supporting. That said, we play countless other games and fully intend to support them with tools, channels to discuss, organized events, and anything else we can do to help make Umbradawn part of your gaming experience. With this in mind we are also aiming to find people to help us with Umbradawn, as we have very ambitious plans and know that we'll need help to get there.
Projects Department Recruitment Opportunities We're looking for people of all levels of experience for the following to help us with projects:
  • Coders(React/JS,GameMaker2)
  • Graphic Designers
  • Video Producers
  • Content Creators
  • Writers(Blogging/Articles/Social Media)
Additional Information Payment will be available based on the task but we are ideally looking for people not in this for the money at this time while we are focusing on growing.

If you are looking to gain experience or simply become part of the team, we value each and every member of our team like equals. We aim to work with people to help them learn and grow while enabling those who are confident in their abilities to succeed.

Beyond the benefits of the work and learning experience, we also aim to provide as much as we are able such as the ability to utilize Umbradawn resources for your own projects.

Finally, when paid positions and leadership positions are available we will be considering how long someone has been with us and how dedicated a candidate has been to Umbradawn as major factors only really after how qualified they are. This is not to say we want people to overdo it, what this means is that if you have put the work in that should not be overlooked. This is to show that anyone who joins us on this journey and helps us, we want to help in return.