About Us

Umbradawn is a gaming community focused on the core belief of a community is only as strong as it's members and the value of a community is not on how many people are in it but rather how much those people enjoy being in the community. To do so we aim to create a number of ways for our members to get together and play, be it in tournaments or by helping with forming groups of like minded people, or simply supplying useful tools. Through all these things and fostering an inclusive but not invasive environment, we hope to be the place you want to bring your friends to hangout or to go to meet new gamer friends.

On top of this, while creating an environment for gamers of all types we will be supplying tools, documentation, opportunities, and anything else that we can to help our members grow as gamers and as people. We believe that gaming communities need to evolve to the growing trends of content creation, esports, and tangential gaming careers such as journalism we wanted to offer this outlet to all that joined us in our journey to become a premier organization in the world of gaming. Be it by simply giving you an additional place to plug your content, or maybe you become featured right here on our website.

We hope you'll see that while this is a new organization, we carry a wealth of experience with forming, organizing and maintaining communities and projects while having been gamers ourselves for decades. That said we are aware of our weaknesses and what areas we are lacking in, as such we are constantly looking to improve be it through learning or recruiting fresh minds to join us for the journey or until we can help them find opportunities that fast track your progress. As we are gamers and hobbiests ourselves that cannot stand the constant trend of people ruining online gaming we aim to create a community that we ourselves would want to be a part of.

For anything else: Our Discord is available at all times, simply reach out to DJ if you have any specific questions, suggestions or anything else. Our forum is still mainly barebones but exists and is open for any discussion at all, questions, suggestionas, etc. Overall the goal with this is to say, don't be afraid to contact us or simply swing by to see if you think we're a good fit for you.